High pressure casting

With technology of high pressure castings we are producing aluminium alloy thin-walled castings. These are deprived of gating and venting systems by cropping within the machine cycle. Subsequently, the castings are moved to the eventual hand-finishing and then to finish by blasting or tumbling.
Workplace of high pressure operates in a fully automatic cycle. If the tonnage of press exceeds 750 tons (420 tons) the fully automated trimming of casting sis also part of the cycel. For smaller machines, the castings are trimmed during overlapping work time of casting machine by operator manually loading them into the trimming press.
Casting machines we use are primarily from Buehler and Colosio brands. A total of 16 injection molding machines with clamping forces of between 250 tons-1050 tons are in operation.

Low-pressure casting

Castings with specific requirements (properties) that can not be produced by high pressure technology, we produce in our low pressure foundry, which has been in operation since 2009. The melting of various kinds of aluminium alloys (according to customer requirements) happens in gas furnaces from the LAC company. For the actual casting we use low-pressure casting machines BPS 650 from Italian manufacturer LPM. Castings with curved inner shapes are manufactured using sand cores of our own making and production method Hotbox-Corning on Schalco and Primafond machines. For their subsequent removal from the casting we use Realistic kilns. On customer request, we also provide heat treatment of castings to achieve the required mechanical properties of the final product.


Most of our products are delivered in machined condition. In total we run 37 machines. We machine high-pressure and low-pressure castings on CNC milling centers and on CNC lathes. We are equipped with a wide range of milling centers, with one or two spindles, in 4-axis or 5-axis design. Lathes have two spindlers, with left and right spindle having an automatic switching of the workpiece in the work cycle. These are also equipped with turret tool head with the option to use powered tools for milling operations.
After machining operation always follows washing of the piece, so we would meet high demands for cleanliness of parts. On customer request, we also perform pressure tests of products and simple assembly operations.