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The company has five business activities, the most important and the most significant is the production and machining of castings made of lightweight aluminium alloys, primarily for the automotive industry.

The company is engaged in the manufacture and supply of parts for the automotive industry (99%). Of the total production of the company, 75% is exported to developed automotive markets. The main customers include the French, Austrian and Dutch companies.

We manufacture and produce castings by precision casting under high pressure on modern machines. Subsequently, the castings undergo surface treatment or more precisely - further mechanical machining. The entire production unit is designed to be very flexible and able to react quickly to any customer requirements.

The factory is divided into four operations – the first is focused on the production of small series of products, while the fully automated operation no. 2 is focused on the production of large series of complicated castings. Both plants deal with high-pressure casting, and there is a total of 13 machines with a clamping force ranging from 250 to 1100 tons. Third operation focuses on precision machining using Chiron and Mori Seiki CNC machines. Operation no. 4 deals with the low-pressure casting on 3 LPM machines.

To date, the company employs 350 employees. Its annual turnover reaches CZK 500 million.


COMPANY ALUPROGRESS A.S. is engaged in high and low-pressure casting of aluminum alloys and subsequent casting machining.

From aluminum alloys we produce thin-walled castings. These are deprived of gating and venting systems by cropping within the machine cycle. Subsequently, the castings are moved to the eventual hand-finishing and then to finish by blasting or tumbling [...]

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The products we supply are divided into several typical groups

Components for gearboxes

Components for power steering

Components for turbochargers

Other "powertrain" components


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Quality management system

Quality driven thinking begins at an early stage with planning of a new project. During this phase, we work very closely with our customers. Our goal is to clarify not only unmanufacturable but als, qualitatively manufacturable requirements for parts [...]

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Employment Relations

In 2017,  Aluprogress a.s. had an average of  445  noncontingent workers. As at 31 December 2017, the Company recorded 433  employees, of  which 294  men and 139  women. The employee breakdown was 251 direct labor, […]

Sales and Marketing

Following projects have been taken into the seriál production: Worm Housing Nissan Note (JTEKT Automotive Czech Plzen) – New Project Sensor Housing Nissan Note (JTEKT Automotive Czech Plzen) – New Project Cover Compressor PSA EU6 […]

Research and Development

In 2015 we started production of turbocharger bodies for PSA engines by using completely new machining and more productive technology, which also ensures a higher quality of these parts. We have expanded our technical department […]

Quality Management System

In 2015, our company was Brabant ALUCAST Czech, Strakonice Site s.r.o. was, as every year, subjected to the review of the certification of quality management system according to ISO / TS 16949: 2009 by accredited […]

Environmental Protection

Our company complies with the 2015 legislation in force concerning the environment and approved documentation EMS for being enganged in activities of company. The company actively cooperates with governmental authorities and others in the field […]

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